We firstly want to say to all of you how much we adore you and appreciate your taking this ride with us.


You’re the absolute best and we thank you for bringing so much joy to The Filthy Mermaid™!


We have some exciting news and you’re the first to hear!

Beginning on May 1st, The Filthy Mermaid™ will become a featured part of the Mermaid Cove Collective™

The new online-one-stop-shop for mermaid enthusiasts.


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Is this a well-deserved treat for you
or is it a prezzie for a mer-friend?
What the hell – how about both?!
Choose whatever floats your boat, darling.

We source the siren swag.

Leave it to us to find you
mermaid-inspired surprises –
the sassy, the sexy, the scandalous,
and so much more!

You get cool mermaid shit.

Around the 10th of each month,
your Siren Swag Bag will arrive,
you’ll unwrap your mer-loot,
and you’ll be fucking delighted.

Our original monthly siren swag bag will now include The Filthy Mermaid™ apparel as part of your subscription.

For Merbabes of ALL sizes.

Because we love our mermaid squad – we offer FREE SHIPPING on our siren swag bag in the US!

To our current subscribers:

On April 19th, all current subscriptions will be cancelled from our current website and CrateJoy platforms. If you’ve already paid for your May shipment – we got you Merbabe! If you’ve pre-purchased a package, your deliveries will not be interrupted! We’ll continue to deliver your packages without missing a beat. We invite you, our favorite merbabes, to join us there for this exciting new adventure!

What this means for you: Not only will you have special pricing, benefits, and perks with Mermaid Cove Collective, but you’ll also receive free promotional gifts in your monthly delivery, have the ability to choose special gifts to be added to your deliveries, and receive The Filthy Mermaid™ apparel as part of your subscription!

What this means for The Filthy Mermaid™: Our little brand started as an apparel and gift line with a gift box side hussle. For nearly the last 2 years it’s grown to a point where we want to do so much more! We’ve developed new products and have new concepts but our current structure isn’t able to handle us! By switching our service site and joining Mermaid Cove Collective™, we can offer more options in our Siren Swag Bags such as apparel and gifts from more vendors. It streamlines our renewals process and consolidates shipping to eliminate shipping errors and delays.