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6 Month Gift Subscription – Siren Swag Bags


The perfect gift for the sassiest of sirens! For 6 consecutive months, your merfriend will receive a variety of sexy sea-inspired accessories, bewitching beauty products, playful pleasures, and more.

Each Siren Swag Bag contains 3-4 pieces of hand-picked filthy mermaid treasures – a $30+ retail value in every bag.

**Please note that your shipping cost is $30 for a 6 month subscription, as you are covering the monthly flat rate shipping fee all at once. We also recommend that you keep your purchases separate to ensure correct delivery to your merfriend – meaning, if you are purchasing a gift subscription, checkout with only that in your cart. If you’d like to purchase additional swag bags or SirenShop items for yourself, please complete those as a separate order.

Welcome Sirens!
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